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SIIA Appeals ERISA Preemption Case to U.S. Supreme Court

Self-Insurance Institute of America, Inc. Special Communication Association Positioned to Protect Self-Insurance Marketplace Once Again December 18. 2014 — The Self
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Vermont’s Giving Up On Single-Payer Health Care Over Ballooning Costs

By Sarah Hurtubise Vermont Gov. Peter Shumlin is canceling his dream plan to create a single-payer health system in the state, he announced Wednesday. Read more…
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The Phia Group, LLC Comments on Recent Industry Developments

December 18, 2014; Braintree, MA Less Takes More – The Phia Group Addresses the Summary of Benefits & Coverage Requirement: Benjamin Franklin, Blaise Pascal, an
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The Phia Group Kicks Off the New Year – January 2015 Webinar – Register Now and Secure Your Spot!!!

Register Now! – Spots Are Limited “IMPLANT WARS: How monitoring provider self-referrals & negotiating based on actual costs can result in major plan savi
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Health care benefits in 2015: What employers need to know

Employee Benefit Advisor As health care reform continues to unfold, employers are re-examining the role of their benefit programs in their overall human capital strategy
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How the Keystone Pipeline Foreshadows Future ACA Legislation

James R. Slotnick Last week, a Senate bill sponsored by Mary Landrieu about the Keystone Pipeline was unable to garner the necessary votes needed to close debate on the b
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J Patrick Rooney (1927 – 2008)

RiskManagers.us J Patrick Rooney (1927 – 2008) While Rooney acknowledges that hospitals may need to charge more than Medicare will pay, he contends that authoritative res
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Incentives for Small Firms to Self Fund Their Healthcare Plans

By: Robert C. Pozen and Anant Vinjamoori When firms offer healthcare plans to their employees, they have two main choices. They can buy insurance from traditional health
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FINAL REMINDER: The Phia Group’s November 2014 Webinar – A Few Spots Avilable – Register Now!!!

FINAL REMINDER A Few Spots Available – Register Now! “In Reference to the FAQ” … The DOL FAQ Dissected – Part Deux! Thursday – Novembe
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CMS Extends November 15 Deadline for Reporting 2014 Enrollment Counts for Reinsurance Contributions

CMS & HHS “We have received requests for an extension of the deadline for contributing entities to submit their 2014 enrollment counts for the transitional rei
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Power shift in Congress sets stage for amendments to health care reform law

By Jerry Geisel After strong Republican gains in last week’s midterm elections, the stage now appears set for a bipartisan effort to amend the nation’s landma
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Digital devices boost wellness programs

Matt Dunning Online diet and fitness tracking devices and mobile applications are becoming increasingly prevalent in employers’ workplace wellness programs, as a growing
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REMINDER: The Phia Group’s November 2014 Webinar – Register Now and Secure Your Spot!!! has been sent

Register Now! – Spots Are Limited “In Reference to the FAQ” … The DOL FAQ Dissected – Part Deux! Thursday – November 20, 2014 1:00 
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FAQs about Affordable Care Act Implementation (Part XXII)

United States Department of Labor Employee Benefits Security Administration November 6, 2014 Set out below are additional Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) regarding impl
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BREAKING: Supreme Court to hear Obamacare subsidy case

By Lisa Schencker The U.S. Supreme Court announced Friday it will hear King v. Burwell, a case that many say could gut the nation’s Patient Protection and Affordabl
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