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Which Americans Are Shut Out of the Affordable Care Act?

By Teresa Mears As the deadline for enrolling in an Affordable Care Act marketplace insurance plan approaches on Dec. 15, some people are finding themselves left out. Sin
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Hospitals’ billion-dollar pension dispute heads to Supreme Court

By Ayla Ellison The U.S. Supreme Court agreed on Friday to take up appeals filed by Christian-affiliated hospital systems that are accused of underfunding their employee
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After the Election, the Public Remains Sharply Divided on Future of the Affordable Care Act

Kaiser News Among Those Who Favor Repeal, Arguments About Loss of Coverage for Those with Pre-Exiting Conditions Can Sway Some Opinions Many Obamacare Provisions Remain B
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OIG recovers $5.6B from providers in FY 2016

By Ayla Ellison HHS’ Office of Inspector General recovered more than $5.66 billion from healthcare providers and programs in fiscal year 2016, including about $953
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AHA pens letter to Trump calling for support of hospital policies

By Emily Rappleye The American Hospital Association sent a letter to President-elect Donald Trump Wednesday, lobbying the nation’s next leader to consider several p
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Cures Act heads to Senate after quick passage in House

By Shannon Muchmore Healthcare industry leaders are celebrating the passage Tuesday of a sweeping package of biomedical innovation and mental health reform bills in the f
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Daraprim drug’s key ingredient recreated by high school students in Sydney for just $20

By Raveen Hunjan For $US20, a group of high school students has created 3.7 grams of an active ingredient used in the medicine Daraprim, which would sell in the United St
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WSJ: Why competition drives drug prices up, not down

 By Mackenzie Bean  While it is a common belief that more competition in the pharmaceutical industry will help contain high drug costs, Pfizer and Eli Lilly’s rival
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Tom Price, Obamacare Critic, Is Said to Be Trump’s Choice for Health Secretary

By ROBERT PEAR WASHINGTON — If President-elect Donald J. Trump wanted a cabinet secretary who could help him dismantle and replace President Obama’s health care law, he c
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Why can’t devicemakers and insurers get along?

By Adam Rubenfire After a spinal stroke in 2007 robbed Rick Batty of his ability to use his arms and legs, the then 54-year-old agricultural salesman wasn’t sure he
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How health systems across the US are improving price transparency

By Kelly Gooch  Physician organizations, hospitals and health systems are under increasing pressure to deliver transparent, competitive pricing. This pressure is coming f
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The Phia Group, LLC Officially Announces the Release of its New “Independent Consultation & Evaluation” (ICE) Service

Independent Consultation & Evaluation On November 22, 2016 in Press Releases by Jon Jablon The Phia Group, LLC Officially Announces the Release of its New “Independen
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AMA Pledges to Prevent Loss of Americans’ Healthcare Coverage

By Vera Gruessner The American Medical Association (AMA) released a statement yesterday reaffirming its commitment to ensuring that every American who currently has healt
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In New Survey Of Eleven Countries, US Adults Still Struggle With Access To And Affordability Of Health Care

By Eric C. Schneider Surveys of patients’ experiences with health care services can reveal how well a country’s health system is meeting the needs of its population. Usin
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President-elect Donald Trump, Healthcare, and Self-Funding

The First 100 Days: President-elect Donald Trump, Healthcare, and Self-Funding Monday, November 21, 2016 1:00 PM (EST) to 2:00 PM Join Us – Register Now! The electi
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