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It’s time for a wake-up call!

By: Jen McCormick, Esq. Healthcare has received so much attention over the past 10 years. Everyone has something to say about its current form, how comprehensive it shoul
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Full Billed Charges: A Question of Geography

By: Jon Jablon, Esq. It is increasingly common within the self-funded industry for medical providers to demand full billed charges for non-contracted claims. As we know,
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Behind Closed Doors

By: Brady C. Bizarro, Esq. Anyone paying attention to national politics in the past six months knows that Washington has a problem with leaks; leaks from the White House,
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“Stay away from Back Surgery”: A Warning from NBA Coach Steve Kerr

By: Jason Davis Steve Kerr’s comments can be viewed as a warning for self-funded payers and their administrators to educate their members on the shortcomings of some surg
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A Win for the Good Guys!

By: Chris Aguiar, Esq. Subrogation added another case to the win column last week when the 5th Circuit ruled in favor of a benefit plan’s reimbursement rights even though
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The Rules of the Game are Still Changing

By: Kelly Dempsey, Esq. It’s clear the rules of the Health Care Reform game we’ve been playing for the last seven years are going to be changing.  If you’ve been living u
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Bite the Hand

By: Ron Peck, Esq. In case you missed it, there is a movement afoot.  It’s found some real purchase in California, but you hear rumblings everywhere.  A call for a single
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It’s Never Too Soon

By: Jen McCormick, Esq. Although the regulations may change, it’s important to begin thinking about plan changes for the upcoming plan year.  The specifics for comp
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Dear Stop-Loss: A Ballad

By: Jon Jablon, Esq.   Author’s Note: Written in ballad meter, this can be sung to the tune of “Gilligan’s Island.”   You carriers are sometimes great, all flex
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You Are Not Going to Sue Us, Are You?

By: Jason Davis …is what a nice lady asked me when we were discussing the charges her office submitted for drug addiction treatments. You see, this office billed $3,800.0
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Adam’s Key Takeaway from the 2017 MassAHU Benefest Conference

By: Adam Russo, Esq. I spoke at the MassAHU Benefest 2017 event today in Westborough, MA, where I was lucky enough to see 9 of the CEOs for the various insurance carriers
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A Call for Defensive Legislation

By: Brady Bizarro, Esq. On April 5th, the House of Representatives passed the Self-Insurance Protection Act (SIPA; H.R. 1304) by a vote of 400 to 16. This was the third i
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Words with No Meaning…

By: Chris Aguiar, Esq. Google “average words spoken per day” and you might see some interesting entries – such as, men use 7,000 words a day on average, as compared to wo
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Transparency – It’s Not Just for Ghosts

By: Kelly Dempsey, Esq. If you’re paying any attention to the news these days, you know that the healthcare industry as a whole has been facing some pretty large issues. 
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Pay the Cost to be the Boss!

By: Ron Peck, Esq. Between Friday and Saturday I was feeling under the weather.  By Easter Sunday, my chest was terribly congested, my nose running, breath wheezing, and
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