Two Recent GINA Cases Illustrate What Employers Should Know

Article Written by: Myles Reagan     Taken From:  MyHealthGuide

Do you know GINA as well as you should? That is a question all employers should be asking themselves. Recent activity by the EEOC has led many employers to assess their knowledge of the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (GINA) or more importantly, their lack of knowledge regarding GINA.

GINA, which became effective in November 2009, prohibits the use of genetic information in employment decisions. According to the Act, genetic information includes information about an employee’s or prospective employees genetic tests, tests of family members and family medical history, including information about manifestations of a disease or disorder (i.e. cancer, diabetes or heart related illness) in an employee’s or prospective employee’s family members. GINA prohibits an employer from requiring or requesting genetic information as part of the hiring, firing, promotion, or any decision regarding terms of employment.

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