A Canadian Pays Cash for Care – Part Deux

By: Jason Davis

In spite of the fact that I did not use insurance at all, we can still take my personal experience as a case study about the benefits of real-time payment for medical care. As I see it, there are three major wins to reflect on: 1) no complicated claims process (for anyone); 2) peace of mind that I settled my ‘financial responsibility’ immediately; and 3) I saved money.

I suppose in a parallel universe, and we all know this old racket, I could have presented with a health insurance card and the hospital would have agreed to bill my insurer directly, and the claim would have been paid and processed eventually, but how would I know? What does this cost, is the price fair?  What if there was an issue of coverage? A coding problem? Request for medical records? Error with repricing? What if the provider gets tired of waiting for payment? As one observer put it, in describing our current claim process “a horse-and-buggy in a world contemplating driver-less cars, the healthcare industry’s consumer billing and payment system is an inefficient antique.”