Supreme Court temporarily bans gay, lesbian marriage in Utah

By Matt Dunning The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday temporarily barred gay and lesbian couples from marrying in Utah, less than three weeks after a federal judge struck down Utah’s constitutional ban on same-sex marriage. Read more…
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Health Law’s Contraception Mandate Halted Temporarily

By Peter Landers WASHINGTON—The Obama administration was given until Friday to respond to a Supreme Court order that temporarily halts enforcement of the federal health-care law’s contraception requirements for religious-affiliated nonprofits. Read more…
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Legal Challenge to ACA Contraceptive Coverage Mandate Could Portend More Complications for Self-Insurance Marketplace

Posted by Mike Ferguson The United States Supreme Court is now expected to consider Hobby Lobby’s legal challenge to the contraceptive coverage mandate implemented as part of the Affordable Care Act. The owners of the national retailer claim that the law’s requirement that the company
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