Ohio Transplant Victim Says Hospital ‘Wasted’ Brother’s Trashed Kidney

Article Written By:  Susan Donaldson James   Taken From:  ABC News

An Ohio man who had his kidney surgically removed to save his sister’s life, only to see it accidentally thrown out by a nurse, said he lay “in a lot of pain” unable to help.

His sister Sarah Fudacz thought she was being given the gift of life as hospital staff wheeled her into surgery last August at the University of Toledo Medical Center, she told “Good Morning America” today.

Instead, she woke up to a nightmare: A kidney that was a perfect match was in the trash.

“Somebody wasted part of my brother,” Sarah Fudacz, who was 24 at the time, said.

“I knew something had gone wrong as soon as I was being led out of surgery, because I lifted up my shirt and there was no incision,” she said today on her 25th birthday.

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