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Innovation at Its Finest …

By: Chris Aguiar, Esq. I’ve had the honor and privilege of meeting Dr. Keith Smith and have worked with several benefit plans who have utilized his Center as part of thei
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A Personal Experience

By: Adam Russo, Esq. Yesterday, I posted a personal experience I had with the very first employee benefit plan I ever designed – my own. The Phia Group’s self-funded empl
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Worries about Health Care Coverage Mandates

By: Brady Bizarro, Esq. One of the biggest unknowns of the Trump Administration’s health policy priorities is whether or not the new administration plans to repeal
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LOA = Continuation of Coverage, or does it? One of the “Gap Traps”

By: Kelly Dempsey, Esq. It’s intuitive to think that a leave of absence (LOA) from employment is coupled with a continuation of health plan coverage (CoC), especially if
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Egregious Billing Hits the Common Man – Who Now Has a Place to Vent Their Frustration

By: Garrick Hunt For those of us who are embedded in the health care industry, we know that the greatest issue with health care in America is the price tag. For the avera
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Keeping the “Benefit” in Benefit Plans

By: Ron E. Peck, Esq. Once upon a time, employers offered employees “benefit plans,” with an eye toward attracting and retaining a talented workforce.  The word – benefit
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The Big Elephant in the Room….

By: Michael Branco From day one, over 16 years ago, we have offered overpayment recovery services, but over the last year, I have seen the largest growth in this service.
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HIPAA Special Enrollment vs. Section 125 Permitted Election Change – There is a difference!

By: Jennifer McCormick, Esq. An individual may want to adjust their health plan enrollment. For example, if a plan member’s spouse loses plan coverage due a reduction in
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Want to improve health care? Focus on hospitals

By Rich Lesser & Barry Rosenberg (CNN) As Congress and the Trump administration debate the future of America’s health care system, they should go beyond the iss
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HHS nominee Dr. Tom Price’s 2nd confirmation hearing: 5 things to know

By Emily Rappleye Rep. Tom Price, MD, R-Ga., faced another four hours of cross-examination Tuesday, this time with the Senate finance committee. Grilled by Democrats and
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Another Successful Balance Billing Negotiation

By: Jason C. Davis Phia received a $167,000 claim from a Surgery Center (Spinal Decompression) where a client tried to negotiate it on their own and were unsuccessful. Ph
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The Gap Trap

By: Jon Jablon, Esq. So how ‘bout those stop-loss carriers?! We work closely with some excellent carriers that look for reasons to pay claims and are a pleasure to intera
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The ACA, a New Congress, and President Trump – Oh My….

By Tim Callender, Esq. On Friday January 20th, President Donald Trump signed his first executive order, directing agencies to give more leeway to the states in the way th
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Attack on ERISA Preemption Continues…

By: Chris Aguiar, Esq. ERISA preemption seems like such a simple concept; further proof that reasonable minds can disagree.  In just the past 10 days we have received mix
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Welcome to our New Blog!

By: Adam Russo, Esq. Welcome to the newly updated passionforsubro blog.  Starting today, you all will get daily updates, comments, tidbits, opinions, and fun facts from t
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