Rhode Island HB 5459 Action Alert

April 30, 2013 – The Self-Insurance Institute of America, Inc. (SIIA) has learned that the Rhode Island House of Representatives will bring HB 5459 to the floor on Wednesday May 1 for consideration.

 Key provisions of HB 5459 include:

 Attachment Point Requirements for Small Employers

Minimum specific attachment point: $20,000

Aggregate attachment points shall not be lower than 120% of expected claims.

 Regulatory Authority

The insurance commissioner shall have the power to:

  • Change attachment point requirements and adopt rules “as necessary”.

SIIA has submitted written letters to members of the House Committee on Corporations in opposition of this bill. To submit your own letters and voice your opposition, the included link contains a list of members of the Rhode Island House of Representatives and their contact information.


 You may request a copy of SIIA’s opposition letter to this legislation, a copy of the bill, or any other questions by contacting Kevin McKenney, SIIA Government Relations Coordinator, at 202/463-8161 or via email at kmckenney@siia.org.

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