SB 21 CT Assessment – UPDATE & THANK YOU!

Diversified Group

May 22, 2014

Good Afternoon,

Now that the legislative session has ended, we are pleased that the additional SIM assessment / tax, which the State of Connecticut was attempting to add onto all fully-insured and self-insured programs, has turned out positively for self-funded groups!

After all the letters, meetings you attended, and input that you all provided, the legislative leaders heard the message and removed the SIM assessment / tax from the bill for self-insured plans! The ONLY reason this was successful was we were all engaged. You made your concerns known to your legislative representatives. They ultimately backed away on this issue because we were able to help them understand ERISA preemption and its positive impact to self-insured plans!

We also owe a sincere note of thanks to our local lobbyists, Anita Schepker and Linda Sobin from Schepker & Associates, for running point and making sure we were on top of all relevant topics affecting self-insured plans in the State of Connecticut this season. In addition, we all benefited from our Federal Lobbying group, Self-Insurance Institute of America (SIIA), specifically Mike Ferguson and Adam Brackemyre. They helped to gain national attention on this issue. They also helped to educate our local legislature about ERISA preemption and what makes self-insured groups unique in situations like these.

We know that you have businesses to run and the last thing in the world you want to do is deal with things like this. Please know that we respect your time and your energy and we will work hard to get you involved in areas that really need your attention.

Nice job to all on taking action this session.

Enjoy your summer!