SIIA State Legislative/Regulatory Update Report

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State Legislative/Regulatory News
Exclusive Reporting for the Week of February 12, 2014

February 12, 2014 — This is your weekly update of state legislative/regulatory developments affecting companies involved in the self-insurance/alternative risk transfer marketplace. Should you have any questions on information provided in these reports and/or would like to alert SIIA to new state legislative/regulatory activity (health care, workers’ compensation and/or captive insurance matters) we may have missed, please contact Adam Brackemyre, Director of State Government Relations directly at 202/463-8161, or via e-mail at

Oregon – Stop-Loss Legislation
SIIA provided has critical information about stop-loss and a letter supporting HB 4050 to the House Health Committee Chair, whose committee heard HB 4050 Monday February 3rd and again in a Work Session on Monday February 10th.

Overall, both hearings went very well. Although the amendment to eliminate Oregon’s small group stop-loss prohibition did not receive a vote in this committee, probably due to some questions raised by the Department of Consumer and Business Services, the Senate could accept the amendment and return it to the House for concurrence.

SIIA is the process of scheduling a meeting with Montana regulators to provide information about self-funding, let regulators ask questions to stop-loss experts and discuss the NAIC’s development of a Stop-Loss White Paper by a committee chaired by a Montana regulator.

SIIA has also learned that Montana may adopt the 1995 NAIC Stop-Loss Model Act through the regulatory process.

Filing Deadlines Are Approaching
SIIA continues to monitor legislation, regulation and work with friends to find new legislation that would of interest to SIIA members.

To date, no state has introduced concerning stop-loss legislation. In a few weeks, some states will begin to hit filing deadlines dates, specific dates at which no new legislation may be introduced.

SIIA Legislative/Regulatory Conference
If you have not already done so, make plans to attend SIIA Legislative/Regulatory Conference scheduled for April 23-24, 2014 in Washington, DC. Conference details, including registration forms, can be accessed on-line at, or by calling 800/851-7789