The Phia Group, LLC Comments on Recent Industry Developments

December 18, 2014; Braintree, MA

Less Takes More – The Phia Group Addresses the Summary of Benefits & Coverage Requirement:

Benjamin Franklin, Blaise Pascal, and Mark Twain are all credited with having said, “I would have written a shorter letter, if I’d had the time.” Unfortunately, efforts to simplify complex matters often constitute the greatest challenge. This fact of life is certainly proven by the Affordable Care Act and its requirement that health plans provide consumers with a concise document detailing, in plain language, information about plan benefits and coverage. This summary of benefits and coverage document ( or “SBC”) is meant to help consumers better understand the coverage available to them, and allow them to easily compare options by summarizing key features such as the covered benefits, cost-sharing provisions, coverage limitations and exceptions.

The purpose is common sensical, but – while SBC’s are meant to be simple – their preparation is a difficult task. Ensuring that all necessary information is included while also being properly presented is a challenge many plan administrators simply can’t afford to address on their own.

In response to this need, The Phia Group is pleased to provide its new SBC drafting and support services. The Phia Group Consulting’s team of SBC experts will review existing SBCs and aid in the drafting of new documents – both on a per plan and template basis. Calculations are covered as well, both as it relates to examples and minimum value calculation. Format, language, benefits and all other content are reviewed and revised to ensure compliance. Finally, a detailed explanation of potential issues is provided to the client via a separate document.

Never before has simplifying been so simple.

The Phia Group Consulting’s SBC Services Include:

* SBC Drafting
* Existing SBC Review & Revision
* SBC Template Modification
* Coverage Example Calculation
* Minimum Value Calculation
* Format & Verbiage Compliance Analysis
* Benefit Listing Compliance
* Separate Document Detailing Issues & Suggestions for Improvement

To learn more about The Phia Group and its SBC services, or its many other consulting services, please contact Ulyana Bevilacqua at 781-535-5641 or As always, you can also learn more by visiting us at